Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights, Responsibilities and Privacy

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Your Rights as a Patient:

You have the right to all of your rights outlined above.


Your responsibilities as a patient:


If you have any concerns or questions, please ask. Staff will not be aware of your concerns unless you share them. Having questions answered will help you understand your care and help you to know what to expect. 

We strive to exceed your expectations at Nayak Plastic Surgery Center. However, if you feel they have not been met, you may contact the Office Manager, Allie Israelson, at 314-991-5438, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Ambulatory Care at PO Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570 or by phone at 573- 751-6083, or AAAHC at 847-853-6060

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