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BOTOX St. Louis, MO

Nayak Plastic Surgery is in the top 1% of BOTOX Providers in the country

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a remarkable treatment that erases frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. It also maximizes and extends the results achieved through injectable fillers and laser skin treatments. Treatments are nearly painless, and effects last 3-6 months. Nayak Plastic Surgery and Avani Derm Spa are among the most experienced Botox providers in the country, delivering more Botox annually than 99% of practices in the US.

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Affordable Expertise.

While many MedSpas charge high per-unit regular prices and low special prices only on Fridays, BOTOX® Cosmeticis cost $15.75 per unit with our Group B injectors (which include Jennifer Jones and Shannon Wood.), and $13.50 per unit, every day, BOTOX® Cosmetic is with our Group A injectors. All of our nurse injectors have years of experience and are personally trained by Dr. Nayak in the most current techniques and concepts.

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I’ve heard BOTOX is the same as botulism toxin. Is that true?

Yes – BOTOX® Cosmetic is the purified toxin produced by the botulism bacteria! It works by selectively relaxing muscles that contribute to frown lines and certain other facial wrinkles. So why don’t you get botulism? The amount of BOTOX® Cosmetic needed to inject all at once to give you botulism is over 100 times the amount given in an average session, and there is no cumulative effect from session to session.

Will I lose normal facial expressions with Botox?

No, St. Louis Botox patients will not lose their normal facial expressions. Great BOTOX means looking younger and more relaxed – not looking frozen. When properly placed, BOTOX® Cosmetic will relax the muscles that cause frown lines or other wrinkles but will not otherwise limit your range of normal facial expressions.

Is Botox permanent?

BOTOX usually lasts 3-4 months, at which point the muscles that cause the frown lines or other wrinkles will be fully active again. Most people choose to repeat the treatment at that point to maintain their results. For those who do not, however, their facial expressions and muscle motion will continue to stay normal, just like before they ever had BOTOX® Cosmetic.

For Wrinkle Reduction

BOTOX is best for wrinkles that form as a direct result of muscle contraction.

Frown lines (“11” lines), and crow’s feet are examples of the types of lines BOTOX® Cosmetic can effectively treat. With continued use, these wrinkles will soften over time and may even disappear entirely.

Wrinkles in other areas of the face, such as the smile lines, cheeks, or under the eyes, are usually better suited for chemical peels or injectable fillers.

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