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Procedures & Pricingfor Nayak Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is art.

The outcome of each procedure, as well as how they complement each other in the final result, is totally dependent on both the technical and artistic skills of the surgeon performing them.

No two surgeons, given the same exact list of procedures to perform and techniques to use, will generate the same aesthetic outcomes. The surgeon’s unique aesthetic judgment and self-expression will always show through.

Dr. Nayak’s current price structure is listed below. Procedures are performed under IV sedation (similar to colonoscopy or wisdom teeth) in our AAAHC-accredited, private surgical facility. All prices listed are inclusive of facility and anesthesia fees.

Please note, for anesthesia safety, our maximum BMI is 30. You may calculate your BMI here. If your BMI is over 30, or you plan on losing more than 15-20 pounds to reach a personal goal weight, please wait until you have achieved those goals to reach out to us.

Financing Options

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Dr. Nayak

Nonsurgical Services

All nonsurgical services, including facials, peels, lasers, injectables, and body-sculpting, are performed by Dr. Nayak’s team of licensed estheticians, nurses, and nurse practitioners at Avani Derm Spa.

Nayak Deep Necklift (Includes Buccal Fat Reduction if Appropriate)

$45,000 - $60,000

Price varies based on case complexity, determined pre-surgery.

Deep Neckifts do what no other necklift can.

In many younger patients, Dr. Nayak can create a perfect neckline with no ear incisions, gimmicky lasers, or skin removal.

Dr. Nayak’s Deep Necklift technique has taken almost 20 years to perfect. It corrects up to nine different layers of skin, muscle, fat, glands, and fibrous tissue of the lower face and neck, meticulously sculpting each one independently through incisions hidden in the mouth or under the chin crease. The changes made to the deep foundation of the neck are permanent, and do not “fall.”

While the Deep Necklift is a perfect choice for young people who have inherited a full or diagonal neck shape, it is also the foundation of Dr. Nayak’s approach to combined face/neck lifting.

By sculpting the sagging and overgrown structures of the aged neck directly concomitantly with a Deep Plane Extended Facelift, maximum improvements can be achieved in both the face and the neck without creating a tight, strained, or “over-lifted” appearance in the sides of the face and cheeks.

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Deep Plane Extended Facelift (Includes Deep Necklift)

$95,000 - $125,000

Price varies based on case complexity, determined pre-surgery.

Without question, the Deep Plane Extended Facelift is the single most powerful, yet totally natural means of restoring true youth to the aging face. While skin-only facelifts have been obsolete for years, most modern facelift surgeons still perform SMAS procedures or even deep plane procedures that rely on tension or pull on the muscle layer of the face to achieve lift. The muscle bears all of the tension, and the skin is closed passively. This is promoted as state of the art.

True rejuvenation, however, needs to be completely tension-free - even on the muscle layer - to prevent strained-looking results and early failures.

Achieving a tension-free lift of the muscle layer requires complete, passive release and repositioning of the deep structures of the face, which few surgeons can safely and reliably achieve.

It is this completely passive repositioning of the fallen facial structures back to their original positions that sets Dr. Nayak’s results apart and attracts patients from around the country and around the world.

The Deep Plane Extended Facelift is, in almost every case, performed together with a Deep Necklift, and the price listed includes both procedures together.

Also included in the combined price are:

  • 24 hours of private duty nursing care (first night).
  • Transportation to hotel after surgery.
  • Round-trip transportation from hotel to first morning check up visit and back.
  • 2 Manual lymphatic drainage treatments.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (if medically appropriate).

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Rhinoplasty is universally acknowledged to be the most difficult, least forgiving operation in plastic surgery. Whether performed alone, or together with other facial surgery, rhinoplasty has the singular ability to completely transform the face. Dr. Nayak’s rhinoplasty techniques have evolved significantly over the years, and his recent adoption of revolutionary Turkish techniques including Closed Preservation Rhinoplasty the Polygon Concept Tip make his current results among the best in the world, with amazingly fast healing.

Please note, Dr. Nayak does not revise other surgeons’ rhinoplasties.

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$20,000 - $25,000

Browlifts are surgery of expression. Browlift candidates often report that others misread their faces as if they are mad, angry, or upset, even though they are not. These are all effects of the aging brow’s shape and position.

Dr. Nayak’s minimal incision browlift is one of his signature operations. Through hidden, 1cm incisions, Dr. Nayak is able to control the position, rotation, and elevation of each section of each brow independently. This effect can be used to create temporal lift, central lift, brow rotation, or any other combination of effects as needed to optimize totally natural, attractive aesthetic outcomes.

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Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty (Includes Lower Eyelid Fat Transfer and Laser Resurfacing as Appropriate)


The aging lower eyelid creates a tired appearance even in high-energy individuals. Lower lid fat bags, dark undereye circles, tendon weakness, and skin wrinkling all contribute. Dr. Nayak’s scarless lower lid blepharoplasty treats all of these contributing factors, and even rebuilds adjacent midface volume loss with living fat transfer as appropriate.

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Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty


Upper eyelid skin laxity and hooding are among the earliest signs of facial aging. Using meticulous technique and a hidden incision, Dr. Nayak’s upper eyelid blepharoplasty creates a beautiful, natural restoration of the upper eyelid, making the eyes look awake and refreshed.

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Chin Implant

($12,000 if combined with rhinoplasty or Deep Necklift)

A soft chin often contributes to facial profile imbalance and premature aging of the neck. For this reason, Dr. Nayak recommends a chin implant to approximately 25% of his rhinoplasty and face/necklift patients. Not only does correction of the chin (when necessary) make the surgical outcome better, but it helps premature aging of the face and neck after the surgery.

Dr. Nayak uses Implantech Silastic implants, and custom sculpts each one to fit the patient’s features. Silastic chin implants have been used in the US for over 60 consecutive years, do not leak or migrate, and generally permanent with no further need for revision/upkeep. They are also easily removed at any point in the future if desired.

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Buccal Fat Reduction (Local Anesthesia)


The buccal fat is a discrete fatty pocket in the lower cheek, just behind and below the corner of the mouth. In many people, this fat pocket is oversized, resulting in a chubby cheek/chipmunk cheek/bottom-heavy appearance. Reduction of the overgrown portions of this collection restores cheek contours and makes the face appear less bottom-heavy.

In young patients, Dr. Nayak performs this operation comfortably under local anesthesia alone.

Contrary to popular belief, this particular collection of facial fat does not lose volume with age. In fact, for patients with untreated overgrown buccal fat in their youth, the buccal fat pad actually becomes more pronounced in later years as the surrounding facial fat atrophies. It is for this reason that buccal fat reduction is included at no extra charge with the Deep Necklift or Deep Plane Exteneded facelift operations (if appropriate).

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Lip Lift (Add-on Procedure Only)


The upper lip ages through elongation and loss of volume. While injectable fillers can improve the volume loss, they cannot effectively shorten a lip that has become too long, obscuring the upper teeth. For this reason, a lip lift is often recommended as a complement to facelift surgery to create a balanced, pretty restoration.

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Earlobe Repair or Reduction (Add-on Procedure Only)


The nose and earlobes continue to grow and droop as we age, and piercings may dilate or pull through the bottom of the lobe. In many people seeing facial rejuvenation surgery, treatment of droopy, long earlobes is critical to the overall effect of surgery.

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Otoplasty (Add-on Procedure Only)


Otoplasty, or ear reshaping, is a procedure that helps to re-position prominent or large ears. The procedure relies on hidden incisions and strong, permanent sutures to reform one or both ears into a more pleasing, less distracting shape. One or both ears may look too big for multiple reasons. Commonly, the ear is missing a normal fold or bend, which makes the ear stick out too much. Sometimes one ear is simply bigger than the other. During the consultation, Dr. Nayak will evaluate and examine your ears in detail to determine the best way to repair and improve the appearance of your ears.

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CO2 Laser Resurfacing (Add-on Procedure Only)


While facelift surgery may be thought of as “tailoring,” one might think of laser resurfacing as “dry cleaning.” Surgery returns the face to its original proportions, and resurfacing treats the spots, stains, and wrinkles to refresh the skin itself. The CO2 laser has been the gold standard for laser resurfacing for many years, and is Dr. Nayak’s most effective skin resurfacing modality.

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Cool Peel (Add-on Procedure Only)


An in-between option for skin that would benefit from more than a VI Peel but is not yet in need of full CO2 Laser Resurfacing.

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VI Peel (Add-on Procedure Only)


For skin that does not require CO2 laser resurfacing, a VI Peel, performed at the time of surgery or during early recovery, is a perfect light refresh of the skin.

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Facial Fat Transfer

Restoration of lost volume is an integral part of modern facelifting surgery. For this reason, fat transfer to the undereye and cheek area is included at no extra charge with lower blepharoplasty, and fat transfer to the remainder of the face is included at no extra charge with the Deep Plane Extended Facelift.

Dr. Nayak does not perform fat transfer as a standalone procedure.

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Injectable Fillers (Add-on Procedure Only)

from $700/syringe

Many areas of the face, such as the lips and certain skin creases, are best treated with injectable fillers. Dr. Nayak commonly utilizes injectable fillers at the time of surgery to perform these finishing touches.

Dr Nayak only injects patients at the time of surgery. All other injections are performed by our team of expert nurse injectors.

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