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Brow Lift In St. Louis, MO

Will a brow Lift make me look surprised?

The goal of brow Lift surgery is to create a natural look. Patients should look refreshed and rejuvenated, not frightened or frightening!

St. Louis Brow Lift model wearing a white blouse

Does a brow Lift hurt?

Many patients report a headache the first night following a brow Lift. After the first evening however, patients report they feel swollen and bruised but not real pain.

St. Louis Brow Lift model wearing white

How many days off from work do I need after a brow Lift?

To recover comfortably, we suggest our patients take 10 days off from work. After the first few days you will be able to work from home, but another 5-7 days will be needed to have the most obvious swelling and bruising disappear. If a mini-brow Lift is appropriate for you, you can usually return to work after a long weekend.

What kind of
brow Lift do you perform?

Achieving a good aesthetic result from brow Lift surgery requires keeping the patient’s goals and overall facial balance in mind. Different kinds of brow Lift surgery can either enhance or detract from a pleasing facial balance, depending on your features. In general, I prefer the endoscopic brow Lift or the mini-brow Lift, which require only small incisions and allow for a quicker recovery. I generally reserve traditional brow Lift surgery for special circumstances such as very high foreheads.

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