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Nayak Plastic Surgery Charity Challenge on Facebook

Released February 5, 2010

Nayak Plastic Surgery just made its first networking site fan page on www.facebook.com . In order to incentivize more “fans” to join, owner Dr. L. Mike Nayak posted a “Charity Challenge” on his status update.Nayak Plastic Surgery has already donated $5000 to the Red Cross and Dr. Nayak has now pledged to donate an additional $5 to the Red Cross for every new fan who joins the Nayak Plastic Surgery page by April 1, 2010, up to $5000. In just the first 24 hours since the challenge, the page has added 100 fans. “This is a simple and fun way to get our patients and other members of the community involved in raising money for Haiti relief. It only takes a minute to become a fan and anyone can participate.”

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