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Computer Imaging Nayak Plastic Surgery

Advanced 3D imaging

Dr. Nayak uses advanced, three-dimensional Canfield Vectra computer imaging as a communication tool in almost every rhinoplasty consultation.

While computer simulation does not provide a perfect prediction of surgical results, it does allow Dr. Nayak and the patient to communicate visually. Dr. Nayak gets a clear understanding of the patient’s goals, and the patient gets a clear understanding of what is reasonable and aesthetically pleasing.

The following image is an example of this process, showing the patient before surgery, her computer image, and her result at three months. Over the next nine months, as she finishes healing, her tip will drop a little further and approach the computer-simulated shape even more closely. For more information about how the nose evolves during the healing process, please see our rhinoplasty healing page.

Missouri Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nayak
Rhinoplasty patient before and after computer generation

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