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Rhinophyma Reduction In St. Louis, MO

What is rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is a very treatable medical condition. It is defined as an over-growth of oil glands caused by Rosacea, which results in thickening of the skin.

St. Louis Rhinophyma model with blonde hair

How is rhinophyma
reduction performed?

Rhinopyhma reduction is performed with a combination of electrocautery and laser resurfacing is used to smooth the texture and reshape the nose back to its normal state. This is a procedure that Dr. Nayak has performed with great success.

As long as you are in over-all good health, the rhinophyma procedure would be performed in our accredited, in-office surgical suite with IV sedation (much like what’s used for a colonoscopy or wisdom teeth removal).

St. Louis Rhinophyma model smiling

Will the skin grow back?

There is a possibility that even after the procedure rhinophyma can return. The best way to prevent rhinophyma is to speak with a dermatologist and develop a good treatment regimen to treat rosacea.

Below, hear a gentleman and his wife describe their experience undergoing rhinophyma reduction with Dr. Nayak.

Patients with true rhinophyma can receive surgery FREE OF CHARGE!

*Pro Bono Rhinophyma Reduction Surgery*


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