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Under Eye Filler In St. Louis, MO

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The loss of volume in the tear troughs can dramatically affect the appearance of youth and vitality in the face. As volume beneath the eyes becomes depleted, the area can begin to appear hollow, and the skin may start to sag. As a result, you may look older or perpetually tired. Under eye filler injections offer a fast and effective solution to this common concern.

Dr. Nayak is widely known for his advanced technique for delivering fillers to various areas of the face, and has passed those pioneering techniques on to his team of gifted career injectors. Nayak Plastic Surgery’s application of under-eye fillers in St. Louis offers superior results for patients experiencing volume depletion beneath the eyes.

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10 Minute Nonsurgical Treatment of Bags and Dark Under Eye Circles

Dr. Nayak has developed a technique to use injectable fillers to correct the tear trough, orbital rim, and cheek hollows in a way that often creates a prettier and more natural look than even a mid-facelift or a lower blepharoplasty.

This technique has received considerable national and international attention, with patients coming to St. Louis for this procedure from across the US and Canada! Patients are welcome to fly in for same-day consultation and treatment, and can return home the same day!

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Gorgeous Billboard Patient Shares Experience 6 Years After Rhinoplasty!

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What are the benefits of Under Eye Filler?

The appearance of age or wear in the face can impact self-esteem and even inhibit our perception of youth in ourselves. Conversely, under-eye rejuvenation can enhance feelings of confidence and vitality. Under-eye treatment with Dr. Nayak’s team delivers results in minutes, with comfortable treatment and minimal recovery.

As volume is quickly restored to the under-eye area, your face will immediately appear more energized and youthful. In addition, a smooth, lifted under-eye will beautifully highlight your eyes’ natural beauty and provide a smoother canvas for makeup application.

How much do Under Eye Filler injections cost?

The cost for under eye filler depends upon the amount of filler required and begins at $775 per syringe. Although results last years before they fade completely, most patients choose to do a touch-up visit annually. Treatment is also entirely reversible, on the rare occasion that it is desired.

Procedure and recovery

Under eye filler takes about ten minutes and is done with numbing cream alone. Our injectors use a special instrument, called a “cannula,” to perform the procedure in a way that is almost painless and usually generates no significant bruising.

Mild swelling is possible, usually beginning the day after treatment and lasting 2-3 days. Significant bruising is possible but rare. We recommend patients avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, Motrin/ibuprofen, Aleve/Naprosyn, fish oil, vitamin E, and flaxseed oil for 2 weeks prior to treatment. To further minimize bruising, we recommend avoiding exercise for 24 hours. Beyond that, no other aftercare is required.

Your Under Eye Filler results

One of the most exciting aspects of this treatment for many of our patients is its ability to produce instant results. As soon as the filler is delivered into the target area, you will notice an improvement in tautness and brightness.

While these results are temporary, most patients go one to two years before maintenance treatment is needed. It is not uncommon, after 2-3 treatments, for the result to be “semipermanent” and need no further filling.

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Dr. Nayak’s team offers expert under-eye filler application. If you are interested in scheduling your consultation, we invite you to schedule your consultation with us via call, text, or contact form. Please contact us using the method most convenient for you. Nayak Plastic Surgery provides flexible options to our out-of-town patients.

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Under Eye Filler
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks and side effects?

While risks are minimal, any procedure carries some risk. The most common side effects associated with under-eye fillers are bruising, swelling, bleeding, infection, tenderness, or unevenness of the filler beneath the skin. Dr. Nayak’s cannula technique for applying fillers greatly reduces the likelihood of many of these side effects.

Additional Reading

Other risks include delayed inflammation, which is usually easily treated with medication. A rare but serious complication of under-eye filler injections is the accidental injection of filler into a blood vessel or the impediment of circulation due to compression. In the event that the central retinal artery is affected, vision loss can occur. This is the true beauty of the cannula technique - risks of intravascular injection with a blunt cannula in the hands of an expert are vanishingly small.

Am I a candidate for Under Eye Filler?

Candidates for under-eye fillers are generally healthy, non-smoking adults who have noticed an increase in the appearance of hollowness, darkness, or sagging beneath their eyes. Candidates should show mild to moderate aging in the area beneath the eyes and have relatively good skin elasticity to achieve the best results.

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