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Educational Videos Nayak Plastic Surgery

31yo Male Deep Necklift

Post-Op Day 1 *Visible Drains and Incisions*

A Close-Up View of Recovery

Ansley's Journey

Ansley Introduction and Analysis

Ansley’s POD 7 nose/neck reveal!!!

Postop Day 2 Check-In

2 weeks postop update from Ansley!

Mandi's Deep Neck Rescue

How does it feel to be reinvented?!

Deep Neck Rescue 🚨and Rhinoplasty 1 Week Reveal

Deep Neck Rescue 🚨

Confidence! 15 Day Testimonial

Deep Neck Rescue 🚨 Day After Surgery

Brittanie's Deep Necklift

Day Before Deep Necklift

Day Zero! Night of Deep Necklift

POD 1! Day after Deep Necklift

Deep Necklift Recovery Day 5

Deep Necklift VLOG Postop Day 7

🔥🔥🔥8 Weeks Postop🔥🔥🔥

Debbie's Journey

Full Face, Neck, Nose: Day 1 Sleep? Pain? Anxieties?

Postop Day Seven: Full Reboot

Headed Home: 54 Years Old 9 Days Postop

Patty's Journey (64F)

Postop Day Two: Peak "YUCK" *Graphic*

Postop Day Five: Bruised and Greasy

Ann's Journey

Postop Day One: Drains, Incisions, and Suture Care

Postop Day 2: Kids, Swelling, Numbness

Postop Day Five: Ups and Downs

Postop Day Seven: Progress, Reflections

Mara's Journey

65 YO Postop Day One: Omakase Facial Rejuvenation

65 YO Postop Day Two: Omakase Facial Rejuvenation

Linda's Journey

⚠️CAUTION-GRAPHIC!⚠️ Day Two: Full Face Reboot

Day Seven: Full Face Reboot *GRAPHIC*

Susan's Journey

"Meet and Greet" 24 Hours Before Surgery

I'll Have What She's Having!!!

I'll Have What She's Having! 30's-40's

"I’ll have what she’s having!!! Episode 2

"I’ll Have What She’s Having!!!

"I’ll Have What She’s Having!

Info For Fly-In Patients

Unique St. Louis Foods, Part 1

"Unique St Louis Foods, Part 2

"Video Visit" Follow Ups

✈️ The "Meet and Greet"

Cosmetic Surgery 101

Nayak’s 80/20 Rule 🍌

Broken Nose 😫 Now What?

Burn Care 101: How I Treated My Daughter’s 2nd Degree Facial Burns

Should You Dissolve Your Fillers Before Surgery?

Vascular occlusion: A Primer

Deep Plan Facelift

Who would I choose for MY facelift??

Deep Plane vs SMAS vs Minilift...

52 Year Old Omakase Facelift

6 Year Face/Deep Neck Lift Check In and Incision Close Ups

“How does this even happen??!”


Anesthesia in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Lasers and Devices

Laser Skin Resurfacing: How Does it Work?


The Language Of Lips

Fillers vs Fat Transfer - Which One is Better for YOU?

Its a NO from Nayak

Hyaluron Pen - Bad Idea or the WORST Idea!?

Stop Plasma Pen

4 *Proven* Ways to Build Collagen in Your Skin

The *truth* about collagen supplementation!

Hyaluron Pen Complication 😖😖😖

Hyaluron Pen Complication 😖😖😖

"Mewing?" Are you kitten me?!

Cooking & Food

Cooking with Mira!!


COVID Vaccine & Facial Filler

Dr. Nayak's Thoughts on PPE

Timing Surgery After COVID?!?

Vaccine-Breakthrough COVID: my personal*** experience

COVID General Discussion


Nose Surgery 101: Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Turbinates, Valves and Sinuses

WARNING: Tears Ahead - Rhinoplasty Reveal!

Why is my nose so oily after Rhinoplasty?

3 Steps to a Painless Rhinoplasty

*Rhinoplasty Reveal* 1 Week Post-Op!

Patient Talks About Her Rhinoplasty Experience

Rhinoplasty Splint Removal - What to expect!

Young Woman Post Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - 1 Month Follow Up!

Rhinoplasty- Immediately After Splint Removal!

6 Week Follow-Up (After Rhinoplasty, Upper Blepharoplasty & Lower Blepharoplasty)

Rhinoplasty: A Journey to Beauty (UPDATED!)

Rhinoplasty: A Journey to Beauty

Healing After Rhinoplasty: The Real Story

One Month Post Rhinoplasty

Cartilage Grafts: Ear vs Rib vs Septum: Which is Better and Why?

#NoseByNayak - Just the Tip 😂


Dr. Nayak Makes Turkish Delight 👃🏼🍫

Can #Accutane Improve your #Rhinoplasty Results?

One week rhinoplasty checkup visit

First evening checkup call

Deep Necklift 6 year result and rhinoplasty rescue!

Rhinoplasty: What I Told My Kids

HD Tip Rhinoplasty

The Steps of a Rhinoplasty: Opening The Nose

Rhinoplasty Virtual Consultation

The Truth: Rhinoplasty Swelling Timeline

Nose Ninja in ACTION 🎞

A Whole New Level of CONFIDENCE

Nayak Knows Noses

Botched: Ukraine Edition

Can #Accutane Improve your #Rhinoplasty Results?

Upper Blepharoplasty

Removing Excess skin + putting face back together again!!

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Analyzed

[Celebs] Politicians' Plastic Surgery Secrets - Revealed!

[Celebs] What in the world happened to Demi Moore?

[Celebs] Celeb Plastic Surgery #NotByNayak - Stallone Edition

[Celebs] What is Up with Zac Efron's Face?


Marking Blephs and Brows for Surgery


The BEST, longest lasting treatment for bags, dark circles, and wrinkles

Dr. Nayak's Zoom call with Kelly & Sam, husband & wife team who have each had surgery with him!

A Day In The OR: Fat Transposition Lower Eyelid Surgery

'The Pinch Method' - Eyelid Lift Pre-Op

Incredible Patient Describes Experience After Upper Eyelid Lift

Awesome Patient Describes Experience After Upper & Lower Eyelid Lifts

Deep Necklift

The Story of Joey & the Rubber Band

"Just Lose Weight!!"

Deep Necklift 6 Week Post-Op Follow-Up

The Truth about Face and Neck Lift Incisions

What is a Deep Neck Lift?

Deep Necklift 6 Week Post Op Follow Up

The Deep Necklift: Joanie's Journey

Deep Necklift: The Morning After

Day 6 After Deep Necklift

Day 1 After Deep Necklift...

The Truth about Face and Neck Lift Incisions

Deep Necklift *Actual Surgical Footage*

What is a Deep Neck Lift?

A Deep Necklift Experience: THE RECOVERY

Live Demos at Open House 2020

Live Demo: Botox and Filler with our Nurse Injector, Racquel

Live Demo: Botox and Filler with our Nurse Injector, Jen

Live Demo: Coolsculpting with Nurse Injector, Elizabeth

Live Demo: Botox and Filler with our Nurse Injector, Racquel

Live Demo: Botox with our Nurse Injector, Jen

Live Demo: Chest IPL with our Laser Specialist, Emily

Live Demo: Earlobe Filler with our Nurse Injector, Jen

Live Demo: HydraFacial with our Esthetician, Amy

Live Demo: Vi Peel with our Esthetician, Stephanie

Live Demo: Vi Peel with our Esthetician, Amy

Live Demo: Underarm Botox with our Nurse Injector, Shannon

Live Demo: Thermiva with our Esthetician, Stephanie

Product & Treatment Q&A

Live Demo: Morpheus8 Body with our Nurse Injector, Kim

Live Demo: Morpheus8 Face with our Nurse Injector Julie

DermSpaStore.com Product Discussion with our Esthetician, Brittanie

Live Demo: Microneedling with our Nurse Injector, Jenny

Live Demo: Laser Hair Removal with our Laser Specialist, Emily

Live Demo: Hydraneedle with our Esthetician, Brittanie

Live Demo: Face IPL with our Laser Specialist, Brittlyn


Rhinophyma Removal: Incredible Results!

Rhinophyma Rediction (WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENTS)

Rhinophyma Giveaway!


The Truth about Rhinophyma and the Emotional Effects

DRAMATIC Rhinophyma Reduction

Live Chats

Nerve Damage 😶‍🌫️😖😣😳😰

Lower Eyelids: Is Something Better Than Nothing?

VIPs Get The Worst Healthcare!!!

How I Feel About Modern Threadlifts

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