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Dr. Nayak is frequently sought out by patients from outside the St. Louis area, especially for his unique undereye/midface nonsurgical cannula filling technique. This technique has received considerable national and international attention, with patients coming to St. Louis for this procedure from across the US and Canada!

Patients are welcome to fly in for same day consultation and filler/Botox treatments, and can return home the same day!

Mild swelling is possible, and usually occurs the next day, lasting for 2-3 days. Significant bruising and swelling are possible but rare, especially when patients carefully avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, motrin/ibuprofen, alleve/naprosyn, fish oil, vitamin E, and flax seed oil for 2 weeks prior to treatment. To further minimize bruising, Dr. Nayak recommending avoiding exercise for 24 hours. Beyond that, there is no aftercare required.

Having surgery with Dr. Nayak, however, requires a substantial commitment on your part. You will need to visit St. Louis for your initial consultation, as we do not believe virtual consultations are a substitute for a physical exam and in-person discussion. You would also need to return to St. Louis for your surgery, and stay in town (or within easy driving distance) for 1-2 weeks after surgery. You will also need to return for aftercare visits a few times in the first year to achieve optimal results.

If you are interested in pursuing surgery with Dr. Nayak, please contact us.

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