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Dr. Nayak is frequently sought out by out of town patients who are interested in traveling to him for surgery. Having surgery with Dr. Nayak requires a significant commitment on the part of the patient. For surgical procedures, including mini lift, incisionless neck lift, brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty, patients will need to travel to St. Louis for the initial in-person consultation. However, for those patients interested solely in primary rhinoplasty, and who will be traveling to us from more than 500 miles away, we do offer the option of a virtual consultation without the need to travel to St. Louis until the night before surgery. Below you will find information that describes the typical process leading up to surgery and what is required for our out of town guests.  

Directions on taking good quality photos for preliminary email assessment EMAIL YOUR INQUIRY AND PHOTOS

The first step is to contact us by submitting our online form, or by emailing our Consultation Coordinators directly at: We request that out of town patients submit recent photos that are taken with no flash, in room or natural lighting. Please submit front and profile views – both looking straight ahead, and then also looking down at the toes. For rhinoplasty patients, we also request these same photos, along with a photo of the underside of the nostrils from the base view (taken with your head tilted upwards). We strongly recommend that you enlist the aid of another person to take these photos so the angles and lighting are optimal.

Photos provided will always remain confidential, and are never shared – your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. The only photos and videos shared on our website, and within social media platforms, are from those patients who have given us specific written consent.


Our Consultation Coordinators may be reached by phone to assist you with the initial step in our scheduling process – the phone consultation. During this call, they will begin by gathering information regarding your goals with surgery. They will be able to provide a preliminary range of  cost, details regarding the procedure(s) you are interested in, initial and long-term healing, and specifics related to the surgery itself. They will also ask questions regarding your health history, and past surgeries and hospitalizations. While phone consults are vital as a starting point, the in-person or virtual consult is always the next step, depending on the procedure. After this call, the consultation with Dr. Nayak may be scheduled.


During the in-person consultation you will have an opportunity to meet with and speak to Dr. Nayak. He will want to hear from you exactly what your goals are with surgery. Even though he will already have this information from the initial phone call with the Consultation Coordinator, he feels it is very important to hear you describe your concerns in your own words. After talking with you, Dr. Nayak will examine you and feel the areas you are interested in improving. He will then provide you with a surgical treatment plan based on your needs. Your Consultation Coordinator will then review with you the quote for cost, as well as a checklist detailing how we prepare for surgery, what the day of surgery is like, as well as potential risks and complications.

After the consult, you will be able to secure a surgical date with a deposit to hold the time on the calendar. Your pre-operative visit will take place 2 weeks prior to surgery, and can be handled by phone. All of the necessary paperwork would be emailed to you in advance. You will then be expected to arrive in town the day before your surgery, and the surgery will take place very early the next morning.


Virtual consultations are an option only for primary rhinoplasty candidates who will be traveling to us from 500 or more miles away. We cannot offer virtual consultations for those patients interested in revision rhinoplasty or aging face procedures such as the mini lift, incisionless neck lift, brow lift and eyelid surgery, because Dr. Nayak needs to feel and examine your tissues in-person. For the virtual consult you will need to have a Skype account set up, or FaceTime can also be used. After the consult, you will be able to secure a surgical date with a deposit to hold the time on the calendar. Your pre-operative visit will take place 2 weeks prior to surgery, and can be handled by phone. All of the necessary paperwork would be emailed to you in advance. You would then be required to arrive the day before the surgery to meet with us for the first time for the in-person consultation and exam. Your surgery will take place the next morning, and as long as you are able to fly back to St. Louis one week later, you may leave the day after surgery. Otherwise, you will need to stay for the week to have the splint and sutures removed at the one-week follow-up appointment. This appointment is mandatory for all rhinoplasty patients and is non-negotiable. It is also highly recommended that you return for a follow-up visit at the one-month mark. While this appointment is not mandatory, to achieve your best result Dr. Nayak believes this visit is equally important.


Nayak Plastic Surgery offers an in-house pharmacy service enabling patients to fill all required prescriptions here, at the time of surgery. This convenient service eliminates the need for a trip to your local pharmacy, and typically results in associated savings for our patients. Prescriptions are filled privately, without involving your health insurance, at a cost of $12 each (compare to $10-$40 for typical insurance co-pays for these medications). This service is completely optional, and is also available for our local patients.


Nayak Plastic Surgery has relationships with two local hotels, which are in close proximity to our office. We recommended these options first for those patients who require accommodations during their stay. Both options offer an affiliate rate and are very accomodating for our patients. Of the two options, we generally prefer the Hilton, as it is in much closer proximity to our office. Please mention Nayak Plastic Surgery when booking to ensure special nightly rate.


The Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

1335 S Lindbergh Blvd, Frontenac, MO 63131

Phone: 314-824-6031

Website: The Hilton St. Louis Frontenac


Sonesta Chesterfield

15431 Conway Road, Chesterfield, MO 63107

Phone: 636-537-1444

Website: Sonesta Chesterfield



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