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Lipotite™In St. Louis, MO

Lipotite™ is a minimally-invasive procedure

For those patients who are seeking an option to lift and tighten the jawline and neck without surgery this safe and effective treatment results in improvement of the jawline, jowls, and neckline, with only minimal downtime.

By combining expert facial liposuction with targeted radiofrequency energy, results similar to surgical lifting can be achieved without incisions, sutures, drains, or weeks of recovery. Early results can be seen between 2-4 weeks, with final results at 6 months. Patients can expect 5-7 days of social downtime, with some swelling and bruising. Lipotite™ is about a third of the cost of lower facelift surgery and produces about a third of the result.

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Lipotite™ procedure

The Lipotite™ procedure is performed here, in our AAAHC-accredited surgical suite with local anesthesia (lidocaine injections). You would be awake, but comfortable (much like what is experienced during dental work). There is no driver necessary after the procedure, patients are able to drive themselves home. 

St. Louis Lipotite specialist Dr. Nayak

The Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Nayak will ask you what bothers you about your neck and lower face, and what your goals are with treatment. He will likely ask you to point out, very specifically, what you’d like to see changed. Identifying exactly what needs to be addressed is the cornerstone of good results! 

Dr. Nayak will review your medical history form, and may ask for additional information from you. Special attention will be paid to previous procedures, your experience with local anesthesia, as well as how quickly you tend to heal and how easily you bruise. Current and past smoking habits, the use of nicotine gum/patches/e-cigs and CBD/THC/marijuana, are especially important to mention to Dr. Nayak during this part of the consultation, as all of these can dramatically reduce the chances of proper healing. All patients need to avoid nicotine use, and smoking/vaping of any kind for 2 months before and after the procedure.

Additional Reading

Additionally, all over-the-counter pain/fever reducers (with the exception of Tylenol) are strictly off-limits for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the procedure, including aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil), Naproxen (Aleve), and Excedrin. You will also need to avoid all supplements including multivitamins, vitamin e, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s Wort, and flaxseed oil. We will provide an extensive list for you to keep on hand.

The Physical Examination

Dr. Nayak will examine the areas you are interested in improving to determine exactly what must be corrected to achieve optimum results. He will then discuss the various aspects of the procedure with you, and he may even use your photos to demonstrate what will be addressed during the procedure. 

The Preoperative Visit

Once you have decided to proceed with the Lipotite™ procedure, Dr. Nayak’s coordinators will help you schedule your surgical date. A preoperative visit will be scheduled 2 weeks preceding the surgical date, which will take about an hour with our medical assistant.

At that time, you will be given any prescriptions so that you may fill them well ahead of time, and you will also be reminded to avoid any medications and supplements that thin the blood for 2 weeks before and after surgery. Preoperative photographs will also be taken, the surgical consent form will be read to you, and you will have an opportunity to discuss any remaining questions. Finally, at the conclusion of this visit, the balance of your surgical fees will be due. Please come prepared to make your final payment. 

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The Surgical Visit

You will arrive on the date of your procedure at the instructed time. Upon your arrival, Dr. Nayak’s staff will greet you and review your medical history, looking for any new changes since your initial consultation. Dr. Nayak and his staff will also confirm that they and you are in agreement about which procedures are to be performed, and those areas will be marked with you sitting upright in a chair. If you are a woman under 50 and have not been surgically sterilized, a urine pregnancy test may be performed. 

In any case, you will have one last opportunity to have last-minute questions answered and also to use the restroom, and you will then be escorted to our AAAHC-accredited surgical suite. Once in position in the surgical suite, you will be gently numbed with local anesthesia, and sterile towels will be placed around your face and neck. Dr. Nayak will begin the procedure only after you are fully comfortable, and not feeling any pain in the numbed areas.

Your Recovery – Day 1

At the conclusion of your procedure, you will be moderately bruised and swollen. You will be asked to spend a short period of time with us prior to being discharged, just to be sure you are ready to leave our office and drive yourself home. Dr. Nayak will call you the evening of the procedure to check on your progress, and you will also be given Dr. Nayak’s personal mobile phone number, in case questions should arise after hours or on the weekends.

Your Recovery – Week 1

Most patients feel no pain whatsoever immediately after this procedure. In fact, the treated areas are likely to remain numb for several hours due to the numbing injections. Patients are comfortable with Tylenol alone. Cool compresses can be used for swelling and discomfort, at intervals of 20 minutes, and with a layer of cloth to prevent frostbite. Again, all other over-the-counter pain preparations are off-limits, as they contribute to bleeding. “Social downtime” varies, but is usually about 5-7 days. 

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Your Recovery – Long Term

Over the ensuing weeks and months, you will find that the treated areas look better and better. Initial results are visible between 2-4 weeks, with greater improvement showing at around 8-10 weeks, and final results at 6 months. 

Your plastic surgery story will change your life forever. At Nayak Plastic Surgery, we make sure that change is for the better. We invite you to call for a private consultation. We’ll show you how easy it is to create a more beautiful you.

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